Beginner Photography at Chippy White


Beginner Photography at Chippy White


Do you have a nice camera but not sure how to use it to get the beautiful photos you've seen? This is a beginner digital photography workshop that will cover the basic camera settings to give you the ability to take it off the auto mode & take beautiful photos of your everyday life! 

We will cover settings, lighting situations, basic editing, how to store your photos for safekeeping and more! 

This class to 10 people so I am able to answer everyone's questions & give hands on help! You will be added to a private FB group so that I will be able to answer questions that you have once you start practicing! 

This is for anyone who wants to learn how to use a DSLR!

Date: Tuesday, April 10 from 6-9pm 

Location: Chippy White Table 


What will you need? A DSLR camera & Lens with memory card 

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